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Originally there were two congregations in Laurel that would become United Lutheran Church: Gethsemane (originally Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church) and St. John's Lutheran were both located in the town of Laurel. Gethsemane was a part of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church (also known as the Blair church) and St. John's was a part of the American Lutheran Church (ALC) which was primarily a German Midwestern synod.

When the two church bodies to which they belonged at that time were preparing to join the merger that became The American Lutheran Church (TALC), it was decided to join forces and become one congregation. Thus, they sold one building, and sold and moved the other from the site on which the parsonage now sits.

The present sanctuary was dedicated in 1959 and an addition was later built for more Sunday School space and to enlarge the foyer. The bell from one church was kept and a separate bell tower was built for it. One stained glass window from Gethsemane which used to be behind the altar was installed in the foyer.

United Lutheran left the ELCA to join the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations where she presently has her affiliation.

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